Saturday, March 3, 2018


Good morning colleagues! I haven't been feeling great (AGAIN), so I don't have more to share than a sketchnote and a playlist.

Here is the story of my life this year...

I had an "aha!" moment last night. I was drinking tea, while all of my friends were drinking adult beverages (*sigh*), when I said, "I think I'm getting sick so much this year because I'm handling all three grade levels of iPads!" The last few years, I would only mess with my students' iPads. Now I'm dealing with 450 iPads... and middle school students are notoriously disgusting... I need to load up on hand sanitizer and start washing my hands once an hour. I want to be healthy!

In honor of NOT being healthy, I am going to lay back down and read more of Game of Thrones while listening to this chill, relaxing playlist courtesy of Monument Valley.

BTW, have you played Monument Valley? It's not cheap, but it is SUCH a relaxing game! Look into it! I'll see you next week :)

- Rachel
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